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ParaPara Heart

New Year, New Spiff-tastic-ness!

Gosh are we glad that 2007 is OVER! There were good things, but there were a lot of bad things, and some bittersweet stuff too.

So yeah, it's a new year, and with that comes a new start, of course. But well... for all of those details I may not have reported on during the year (what with my long absence for a little while and such), I shall just kinda sum up my year.

January - Mom started getting sick a lot, and she went to get tested because of thyroid stuff. It was then that she had a bit of a lung cancer scare because the doctors said there were spots on her lungs. It turned out to be nothing, but it did cause Mom to commit to quitting smoking. Dad was a little slower to quit, but he quit right along with her. And of course, I did my part to help and encouraged them. Other than that, it was a pretty forgettable month.

February - Eh... forgettable. Nothing much really happened.

March - Got accepted to ISU! ^^ I was so frickin' happy when I got my acceptance letter. I finally saw the light... and my path out of my crappy little current hometown. Things started looking up for me. Nothing exceptionally cruddy happened this month, but other than the acceptance letter, quite a forgettable month.

April - OK, here's where things really started going to crap. I had more college preparations and such. My friend Skylar asked me to Prom though. ^___^ Yeah, found a great dress and such in no time flat in one weekend. So, things were okay right up until about the third or fourth week. Things started happening to Nana, and she was in the hospital for quite a while for tests, and then after the tests were done, she started getting worse and they found out there was fluid on her lungs. So yeah, they had to do even more procedures on her.

May - This can either be a bittersweet or very sad month for us, depending on which member of the family you talk to. Either way, this was probably the most eventful month this year. My May Fete was fun and all (didn't care for the music much because it was all mainstream Western music, but the performance was great!), and I had a great time! There was a week and a half when the doctors were saying that Nana had been doing better - still not very well off, but in better shape than before. So life continued like normal for us. But then the night of Prom came. Mom was helping me get ready for the big night and it was only about half an hour before Skylar was to pick me up that we got a phone call from my Uncle. We then found out that Nana had gotten a whole lot worse suddenly and that it probably wouldn't be long before... the time came. Mom left the room to calm down for a bit, and then she made me promise that I would have a good time at Prom and that I wouldn't worry myself over the situation. So yeah, then I went to Prom with Skylar. It was fun right up until the After-Prom, and then he just kinda stopped wanting to be with me and was hanging out with his other friends more thant being a good date. Didn't get home till about 4:45, and I got to bed at about 5:30 in the morning. Fell asleep like a rock. I was then woken up at about 11:30; it was mom, with phone in hand. She then told me the last thing I was expecting to hear. Nana had died sometime later on in the night. A couple days later, Mom went down to Florida to help Grandpa, Uncle Eric, and Jared prepare for the funeral and such. The rest of the month was uneventful, mostly spent mournin, right up until my graduation, which was probably the happiest day of the month for my family. Man was I glad to be rid of that high school. I'd be happy not to set foot in that place again! Eeeeh, I might come back once or twice for a football or basketball game, but that's it. Well, we did have a pretty cool trip to the Indy 500 for band. We were supposed to march in the pre-race parade, but it got rained out, so we spent our time in the Turner bus watching movies. On our way to Indy, we watched Major Payne, Shrek, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. During the wait for the race to start, we watched Cars. Yeah, it was the morning of racing movies... well, except for the first two. But yeah, things finally cleared up before race time, so we went up into the stands and got ourselves ready for the race. We had a great time until right about halfway into the race. Then storms started coming, and the rest of the race got rained out. That and the guy I was cheering for was nowhere close to winning. Gragh, suckage! But yeah, overall, except for the parade and the race getting rained out, it was a good day filled with fun.

June - I got my driver's license - FINALLY! Then came EVEN MORE college preparations. This time, I drove over to ISU for freshman orientations and such. We got to meet some faculty members, take tours of some of the dorms, and other fun stuff. There was even this stupid game we played with one of the student faculty assistants called the "Wah-Master" game. Basically, you do one of those silly looking martial arts bows and say "waaaaah", and then you make a sign. You cannot match the Wah-Master's sign or else you're out. Last one standing is the new Wah-Master. Guess who the new Wah-Master is? You guessed it - ME! ^___^ Well, that's beside the point. So yeah, got registered for my first classes and got my first real solitary driving experience in Terre Haute. Other than college prep and the driver's license... eh, forgettable month.

July - Not very eventful month. My birthday, of course. Oh, and I got a Nintendo DS. Kick-ass deal. Got it for $50. :D Yeah... not much to this month.

August - Jennifer went with me to show me around the ISU campus before classes started and helped me find my books. Not too long after, I went to my first official college classes. I then joined the ISU Roleplayers' Guild, which has been one of the greatest experiences I've ever had with a peer group so far in my life. OMG, this is the most I've ever actually felt like an active part of a group. I didn't really think about it at the time, but one year ago this month, I saw Nana for the last time... TT__TT

September - Uneventful, other than random shenanigans with the ISU Roleplayers' Guild.

October - I got my first (and hopefully only) speeding ticket. Later on, I joined my first tabletop roleplaying campaign. Another good Roleplayers' Guild experience. Then on the 27th, I went to my first un-chaperoned party as a semi-free adult. There was no drinking or anything, but it was still fun.

November - More random shenanigans with the ISU Roleplayers' Guild. Pretty uneventful other than that.

December - Overall the greatest month of the year. Finals ended with a bang, and I got good grades. I even made the Dean's List! ^____^ W000000000000T!!! And I got tons of great Christmas gifts. The majority of the major ones are as follows: FF12 Revenant Wings for Nintendo DS, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo DS, Samurai Warriors 2 Empires for PS2, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2, RandomAnime roleplaying game book with a narrator's screen (w00t I can run campaigns now!), Super Euro Best 100, and Bob & Tom: We Just Landed. I LOVE the Bob & Tom Show! I listen to it every morning as I'm driving to school. XDD If there's a radio station near you that airs Bob & Tom, you should totally check it out if you're a comedy lover! I then went to my friend Amanda's wedding a couple days ago. Yeah, pretty much the entire ISU Roleplayers' Guild was there, with the exception of a few members. But it was fun. We listened to some kick-ass video game music and cult classic songs (Yay "Dragostea din Tei"... or "Numa Numa" as it is commonly referred to in "geek speak").

So... you're probably wondering - What's 2008 going to bring? Well, first of all, we're going to put our best feet forward. I'm also going to focus on kicking off my Yume Supernova project... FINALLY! I'm also going to focus a lot on improving my art style so that I can start to draw some good characters and illustrations for stories. That and I'm definitely going to work on running some roleplaying campaigns, online and off - yes, improving Toki no Shizuku is on my list too. And I'm going to start driving more places so I can explore the world around me like I've always wanted. Ah, sweet freedom...

Well, that's all for now! Catch ya later and Happy 2008!


jeeesus... what an eventful year...
I hope that this year will be fun XD

aaaanyway..... tonoshi..... it would be nice if I'd get an update on how we'll handle it from now on....*I'll think I'll comment there anyways later after eating....*

have a nice yeeaaar ^~^
Yeah, anything would be better than last year. 2007 was just full of crap for us... -__- But yah, HERE'S TO A GREAT NEW YEAR!!! ^_______^

Well, I don't know if you've seen it yet, but we have a new RP there. We still need to know which bishounen you're adopting so I can update the character list. Muh... I also need Kiyoko's too...

As far as "handling it", I'm not really sure what you're talking about. I mean, as far as which old RPs are gonna be ditched or what's going to be done with the existing ones or... eh... O_o
I see everything that pops up on my friendslist XD

I even already posted there *as I wrote <.<*

and with handling I refer to a href="http://community.livejournal.com/tonoshi_rp/6211.html">this comments</a>
because there's nothing new in the rules and stuff. it would be nice if I got to know things when they are changed.... *no offence*

well time to take a shower and for breakfast
Well, nothing's really been changed in the comm. The rules are still the same, and everything's just as it was. OK, I did change things so that my new account yume_supernova would be the mod, but other than that, everything's like it was.

As far as maintaining the community though, I'll probably back up the existing stories (College Life and Mermaid - I don't know what Jo wants to do with TnW) on to my computer in the next couple days - I'd rather have it on my laptop than my home computer - so that they'll still be around in the event I decide to do a fanfic series with them, but they won't be cluttering the community.
ah ok... thanks then....

I really have no idea for the other stories... *sigh*

have fun ne *skitters off and leaves this journal*