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Teru Nyaa~ by to_you_in_grey

Happy Finals Week!

GRAAAAGH! Why can't people just leave their kids with a babysitter. All morning, these people have been sitting in the Commons with this screaming baby who every 30 seconds lets out this crescendo-ing scream that's been driving me BUG NUTS! Am I the only one who's bothered by people bringing screaming kids out in public, especially to a COLLEGE CAMPUS? A place where people are usually STUDYING? GRRRAAAAGH!!

Well, that was my little unhappy rant for the day. I promise everything else is happy from here on out.

Here it is - finals week! I'm so excited! That means it's just that much closer to Christmas. It sucks that I'll be staying in town tonight and most of tomorrow... I hate winter storm advisories and warnings. I'll be without my Katamari Damacy for a day and a half... At least I have my Katamari desktop buddy to keep me company while I study and get ready for my upcoming finals. Geez, I'm addicted to that game! Anyway... I have my Japanese final at 1:00 and I already took my Geography 130 final. So yeah, after this, I only have my portfolio review for Drawing 101 and I have to go in and help take down the show we put up for Art History 170 and it's off to Christmas Break for me! ^_______^

Rawr! My Yume Supernova project is not getting anywhere! Somebody help me! I kinda know what I want to do with it, but I need ideas about how I can get the story started. HALP!

[EDIT]: OK, now for a random meme I got from Jo who got it from Nita who got it from... etc, etc, etc.

1. Open your mp3 library (ex. ITunes, IPod or any other MP3 collection with shuffle)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. Don't skip songs.

Question: Song--Artist
1. Opening Credits: Despicable Acts - Full Metal Alchemist OST 1
2. Waking Up: When You're Evil - Voltaire
3. First Day of School: Guitar Music - Excel Saga OST
4. Fight Song: I Will - Sowelu (Full Metal Alchemist Ending 3)
5. Breaking Up: Manamana - The Muppet Show
6. Happiness: Century Color - Turn A Gundam (Yoko Ishida version from PPM3)
7. Life's Okay: Drill Instructor (Short Mix) - Captain Jack
8. Mental Breakdown: Play with the Numbers - Hinoi Team
9. Driving: Wakare no Kyoku - Full Metal Alchemist OST 3
10. Flashback: Gamble Rumble - move (Initial D OST)
11. Getting Back Together: ~T.A.I.Y.O~ - Naoki feat. Hoshino Souko (Beatmania IIDX RED OST)
12. Wedding Song: BEERRUN (for Bob & Tom Show) - Todd Snider
13. Birth of First Child: Gorgeous Musical Castle (Part 1) - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon OST
14. Final Battle Scene: Hi School Dream - Pink Pong (Beatmania IIDX 10th Style OST)
15. Death Scene: Maryland University Fight Song
16. Funeral Song: Odore! Soran Parapara - Soran Happies
17. End Credits: D.A.N.C.E! - DJ Yoshitaka feat. Hoshino Souko (Beatmania IIDX RED OST

Can you say LOLWTFOMGBBQM8?! "Manamana" from the Muppet Show for the breaking up song? Maryland Fight Song for the death scene? "Odore! Soran ParaPara" for the funeral song? O_____o


I wish you all the best for your exams ^^

a winter storm? =X hope it's not too bad *here it's still raining x.x why can't it be spring again?*

and yes, the muppetshow freaked me out XDDDD

gooooooooood luck!!!!!!!!!!!

^0^ gogo masa-channnnnnn!!

here in spain is dificuk¡lt to use itunes x_x