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Clara Moroni - Eurobeat is THIS Cool

This Is It!

Heya! After much thought and discussing possibilities with a few of my friends, I have finally decided. Since this little section of the Interwebs has gone slightly kaput due to the neglect of my f-list and joined communities... and my lack of a push to get started on YSS as of yet, I am starting a new journal to create a fresh, new start.

Hey, I said that with the new year would come new beginnings... or at least, something to that effect. Well, here it is.

I am proud to announce the opening of my official YUME SUPERNOVA journal! Boogie on over here to check it out - yume_supernova. It's still in the works - customization, no posts to speak of yet, user pic uploads yet to be done - but I'll be so kind as to let you take a gander at it.

Hopefully, this transformation - along with my new year's resolution - will give me the push I need to start churning out new art, improve my current art style, and contribute my creative soul to the wide world of the Interwebs! XDD I love that word... Interwebs... thank you, Parker!

Now, even though I will no longer be posting with this journal - I'll have to make some switches in ToNoShi to reflect this - I do not want to get rid of it completely. I have made some of my best online friends and kept contact with old real-life friends by way of this journal. It's too much a part of me to just throw in Circular File #13. So, in light of that, this journal will still be available to read in case you want to go back and relive some of our finest moments from the past.

With that, to all current friends - It was great talking to you on this journal. We've all had good times together, we've helped each other through bad times, and I only hope that with this new beginning, our friendships will continue to grow even more!

C-ya later, peace out, and... Dance of Dreams, Song of Happiness... YUME SUPERNOVA!




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