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Takuro Kiss! by to_you_in_grey

Holy Kamikaze Watermelons, Batman! I posted!

Y HALLO THAR! I've come back from my freaking unusual hiatus to bring you this totally spiff-tastic message!

So, a lot has happened over the past month that I've been gone. Yeah, there was the Halloween party at Kevin's place. Oh, it was a kick-ass time, and I soooo have to do a pic-spam. I'm proud of my costume! :D

Bad news though... Brian had to end our Conan d20 roleplaying game. T___T He was saying something about how he didn't like running games and such, and that was kinda coupled with the whole thing of the semester coming to and end and whatnot. Some good news coming with that - I'm thinking about running a roleplaying game of my own. However, I'll have to scrounge up some money and core rulebooks. ^^; And I can't wait till next semester because that's when Kevin's starting his D&D game. The story he came up with sounds what we call EPIC! X3

Thanksgiving break was kinda blah. I had to work on Wednesday and Friday, and on Thursday we just had my grandma over. Kinda quiet, but it was nice to not have a big-ass crowd. But yeah, breaks over now and I'll be back in school. I'm glad the semester's almost over. It's just that much closer to Christmas. W00T! ^_____^

But... with the upcoming end of the semester comes tons of stress. I've gotta register for next semester in the next day or two, and then there's all the projects my profs. are probably going to throw at us, including the start of topic presentations for Japanese tomorrow and Drawing 101 sketchbooks due on Thursday. Blarg. I won't be sorry to see the end of this week. I'm not even looking forward to tomorrow's classes. T____T

Well, that's all for now. Cyaz laters. ^^


@.@ holy shit..... well this sounds like the beginning of my studying time.... You'll survive though ^^

wish you luck

and I hope your rp thingy will be fun, as long as you're there
Yeah, I'll survive... hopefully in one piece and with fairly decent grades. Lol ^^

Oh yeah, I'm going to make sure that my RP is gonna be kick-ass for the players. I don't want to be one of those stiff-assed Game Masters that's like EVERYTHING'S GOTTA BE MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY! *coughJIMcough*
LOL looks like that ne?
Haha lolz I just haven't been on LJ much lately because of school and such. Also the fact that I'm starting to frequent Gaia Online again. ^^; But yeah! I'm baaaaack!
waaa!! masaki! soooo long not seeing you hereee!! T^T
I can read looks everything fine in youre life, glad to read that :) *kisses*
Waaaaiiiiii! Mitsukiiiii!!! :D *hugskisses* O genki desu ka~? Any new arts to share? 8D *skitters to Glay comms*

Actually, about the whole "masaki" thing, I've actually made a little minor change to that and I'm no "misaki" because well... eh, I found out a little too late that "masaki" is a guy's name. ^^; I think that qualifies as an "Oops, my bad" moment. XDDD
xDD Then which name you want now?? :P teru's princess?? ^____^
yup yuuup I did some more draws and stuffs XP take a looks at hisaxjiro com *cough cough* hehehe
And I hope you back for lj :))))
Oh yay! More HisaxJiro! ^____^

Haha any name is fine with me as long as we don't go back to calling me by a guy's name. XDD
Awe you never replied to my comment on your other post. Plus you still havnt replied to my comments on your comment :P. >.> Woo D&D. I was at ISU today, and I'll be there again thursday hanging out and whatnot. Maybe we can meet up or something for a bit and talk like old times :P.
Gak! Sowwies... I've just been kinda busy with school work and such... T_____T

Yes... W00T D&D!!!

WHEE! That sounds cool. About what time are you gonna be here? I'm usually in the Commons sitting with a bunch of nerdy people with laptops at 11:00-12:30 on Tues. and Thurs.
Well I finish at Manpower at about 10am indiana time. So I wont have anything to do after that. So I'll prob end up...I dunno...doing..something...untill 11 XD. >.> Do you ever see Kitsune? She hasnt replied yet :(.
Meh... I hardly see her on LJ anymore. I haven't even seen her reply to this journal post! O______o
She replied to me finally! Woo. >.> Blue_Dragon_Man@hotmail.com Thats my email. So add that to your msn messenger. I'm usually on when im at home so yeah.