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Holy Crap, It's Been a Long Time...

Bwaaa... So much has gone on over the last couple weeks and I haven't even posted anything about it?! OMIFECKINGOD THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!

OK, here's basically what's been going on. On the first Friday of my college career, I joined this really cool club for roleplaying maniacs aptly called the ISU Roleplayers' Guild. Haha YAY! Finally! A group of people outside of the online community that I can actually relate to! Nyeh-heheheh... It's the first time I've ever felt really involved with a group of people for an extracurricular activity. And they're nerdy, JUST LIKE ME! XDDD Fweeeeee! Man, I'm glad to have so many friends in college already.

Holy crap, did I mention that there are a lot of Japanese students on the ISU campus? Phew, I met this reeeeeaaaaally hot Japanese guy (not mentioning his name for sake of privacy... wait, that's never stopped me before...?). He even likes GLAY. :D His friend was pretty cute too - he almost reminded me of Hisashi. And I met a Japanese girl who's really into African American culture. She's pretty cool.

Speaking of Japanese, I'm really enjoying my Japanese class. I find I'm a lot better at Japanese than I ever was in my high school French classes. Well, I think I mainly sucked at French because a) I had been trying for a long time to teach myself Japanese and b) I just didn't have the motivation for French that I do for Japanese. But yeah, Japanese is cool... and I don't even have to do much for memorizing the hiragana and katakana because I already know them! I still get confused on the symbols that look almost exactly like another (such as the katakana "shi" and "n" or the hiragana "re" and "wa"), but... at least we're not doing kanji in the 101 course. Otherwise, I'd be like "BLEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!"

I was in a bit of a money/gas crisis for the first part of this week. Jen and I had a yard sale this past weekend to get rid of some of the shit that was needlessly taking up space in our rooms. Jen made over $400 (cue triumphant trumpet fanfare) and I made... drum roll e_e... $28. (cue random timpani-ish "boing" sound) Then, I almost ran out of gas on Tuesday going to class, so I used about $15 to fill my gas tank NOT EVEN HALFWAY since I had spent the other part of my money on dinner on Sunday, so I'm having to fill up AGAIN today. Mom grudgingly gave me $25, so at least I can get myself through the rest of the week. But I'm seriously going to have to be a scrooge now, what with my being a destitute college student... no new manga, video games, or anime for me for a looooong time unless I limit myself to the crappy shit people put in yard sales... Madden NFL (insert year here), MLB Baseball (insert year here)... Brrrrr...

Well, that's all for now. I best get back to my screwing around aimlessly studying. (Yah, since when does Masa ever take time to study?) XD Ja ne!


glad you're having a good time at college. im having an insane time too, with homework and a boyfriend and such. this is the first time ive commented on anyone's lj in about a month i think. but yeah...ive been thinking about you! talk to you soon!