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Clara Moroni - Eurobeat is THIS Cool

OMG! I feel all funny inside...

Damn, it's hard to believe that I only have one day to go until my first day of college... I already have my books, and I've gotten to know the campus in the last couple days. So yep... college life, HERE I COME!

Now, on to the Otaku-style Big Brother section of this post which I was supposed to do like... ah, THREE DAYS AGO! Basically, here's the way it'll go - there will be equal representation from four groups. The groups as they are right now are as follows:

a. 3 male J-idols - Teru, Takayuki Yamada, Gackt Camui
b. 3 fanboys - Terumichi
c. 3 female J-idols - Ami Onuki, Miki Nakatani,
d. 3 fangirls - Masaki

Also, to make the story interesting, I am going to give each of the J-idol characters some of the typical personality types that are seen in contestants of the Big Brother show. If these castings do not seem like what the J-idols would be in real life, that's because this refers to how the characters treat the game and have nothing to do with their outside world selves. If you've seen Big Brother, you'll probably understand this aspect of the whole thing. ^^ As far as the fangirl/boy characters, I've already cast a few characters, but I'm going to leave the rest to the people who want to be part of the story. If no one else decides to join in, I'll just make up some characters for the fanboys/girls.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to which J-idol I should cast for what - goodness knows I'm just making rough decisions right now - I'll be more than glad to listen to your comments. But anyway, here are the personalities:

a. The sweetheart - Miki Nakatani
b. The obnoxious ass/egomaniac - Teru
c. The peacemaker - Masaki
d. The sensitive one - Takayuki Yamada
e. The slick, sneaky one
f. The dumb one - Ami Onuki
g. The playa
h. The comptetitor
i. The weird one - Gackt Camui
j. The fly-under-the-radar person (hardly even noticed)
k. The nasty bitch
l. The fun one - Terumichi

If you want to be in the fanboy/girl group, just comment on this post with the name you want to be known as in the story (not a username, please ^^;) and which character type you want to be portrayed as.

Random words of wisdom: Yes, I know I put myself in this story, as well as a couple of my own idols. Knowing this, I would like to say that I'm going to do my best to not be biased as far as which characters are going to the final two and winning Big Brother. I shall make plenty of twists and turns and stuff to keep this going. 8D

Lastly, before I go... I don't think I could emphasize this enough, seeing as this is only in the planning stages right now, but any and all comments as far as creating the characters and storyline are/will be greatly appreciated. About the only comment I won't listen to is anything referring to removing Takayuki Yamada from the story (glares at certain parties)... but yeah, other than that, blast off with your comments if you like! ^^ Right now, I'm looking for two fanboys, two fangirls, and one more female J-idol.